The ‘Early Modern Mind’ seminar series

The 'Early Modern Mind' Seminar Series

early modern mind

The subject of the early modern mind and understanding are generally confined to the philosophical realm and discussion. This interdisciplinary seminar series seeks to challenge this monopoly and the monolithic take it contributes to perpetuate by shedding light on the various perceptions of the human mind that arose from within different perspectives (especially historical, literary, aesthetic and political) over the years 1600 to 1800. In this manner, we hope to offer a richer, more nuanced and contextually-based appreciation of this topic.

All of the talks are taking place on Wednesdays at 5 pm except for week 8 when it will be taking place on Monday.

Convenor: Audrey Borowski


We will also be going for dinner with the speaker after each talk at the Turl Street kitchen on Turl Street.




Dr Jenny Oliver (French) - Wednesday 25 April

'Montaigne’s Stony Mind’


Dr Alex Wragge-Morley (UCL History) -Wednesday 2 May

‘Knowledge and Aesthetic Experience in the Royal Society of London, 1650-1720’


Alex Mortimore (German) – Friday 11 May [at 5.30 pm]

'Goethe and the Enlightenment'


Professor Ritchie Robertson (German) - Wednesday 16 May

‘Enlightenment and the Paranormal’


Professor Alison McQueen (Stanford History) - Tuesday 22 May

‘Between Promises and Prophecies’: Thomas Hobbes and the Apocalyptic Imaginary


Professor Nicholas Halmi (English) - Wednesday 30 May

‘Modernity as a Source of Unease’


Audrey Borowski (History) - Wednesday 6 June

The Mind between Machine and Organism in Leibniz


Dr Jean-Michel Johnston (English/History) - Friday 8 June

‘The Telegraphic Mind: Perception and Communication in the Early Nineteenth Century’