Ewen Green Memorial Lecture: An English Field

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The Ewen Green Memorial Lecture: An English Field will be given by James Rebanks

James Rebanks is a writer and sheep farmer in Matterdale in the Lake District. He believes that farming and food are vital issues that should be at the centre of a good life, and central to a healthy politics. James will talk about how our fields reflect both our current society and economy, but also our complicated history, and why that has ended up so ugly and ecologically destructive. He will discuss why if we want something better than industrial farming monocultures then we have to engage with farming and food in new ways and demand and support something different and better on the land.

James studied History at Magdalen College in 1999-2003, where he was tutored by Ewen Green. He then returned to farming in the Lake District as well as advising UNESCO on how to manage demands on world heritage sites and national parks. He is the author of The Shepherd’s Life (2015) and English Pastoral (2020). Both are bestselling, critically acclaimed and have been published in more than sixteen languages, and James is a regular on the broadcast media.

The lecture is free to attend but registration is required.  Book in advance here