GLGW Conference 2019

During the First World War centenary period, the University of Oxford's "Globalising & Localising the Great War" network was one of the largest hubs for First World War research in the country. This conference serves as the culminating event for the network, and features its current and former PhD students, postdocs, postholders, visiting researchers, and collaborators gathering to share their research and discuss the post-centenary future of First World War studies. 

Registration fees: £175 (General public); £150 (Affiliated academic); £90 (student)

* Student registration without reception/dinner/museum trip also available (£45)


Lunch and refreshments are included in registration fee. Also included are the following:- please note, you will need to select these items during the registration process if you wish to attend:

Drinks reception at Maison Francaise 19th June

Dinner at St Antony's College 20th June

SOFO trip 21st June (note, places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis)




Day 1: 19 June 2019 – Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford


10.30-11.00: Registration and refreshments

11.00-12.20: Keynote 1 – Prof. Margaret MacMillan, University of Oxford

“Making Peace is Harder than Waging War"- Georges Clemenceau

Chair: Dr. Alice Kelly, Rothermere American Institute (Oxford)


12.20-13.10: Lunch


13.10-14.30: Panel 1 – First World War and Global Religions project

Chair: Dr Faridah Zaman, University of Oxford

Dr. Adrian Gregory, University of Oxford: "Sensory histories of wartime religion"

Dr. Patrick Houlihan, University of Oxford: “Between Human Rights and Genocide: Religious Humanitarianism and the First World War’s Legacy”

Dr. Hussein Omar, University of Oxford: "The Age of the Minority: 1911- 1923"


14.30-14.50: Refreshments


14.50-16.10: Panel 2 – Hunger Draws the Map project

Chair: Prof. Mark Cornwall, University of Southampton

Prof. Sir Hew Strachan, University of St. Andrews: "The importance of hunger in the long First World War"

Dr. Claire Morelon, University of Padova, and Dr. Mary Cox, University of Oxford: "Hunger Draws the Maps: approaches and themes"


16.10-17.30: Keynote 2 – Dr. Adrian Gregory, University of Oxford

 “The First World War as Millenarian Moment”

Chair: Dr. Jane Potter, Oxford Brookes University


18.00-18.45: Drinks reception – Maison Française d’Oxford

Day 2: 20 June 2019 – Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford


09.15-11.10: Panel 3 – GLGW-affiliated postdocs, 2015-present

Chair: Prof. Santanu Das, University of Oxford       

Dr. Alice Kelly, Rothermere American Institute (Oxford): "Hello Central, Give Me No Man’s Land: American First World War Aesthetics"

Dr. Jonathan Krause, King’s College London: “Anticolonial Rebellions in West Africa and Southeast Asia in the First World War”

Dr. Suzan Meryem Kalayci, University of Oxford: "Summer of 1916: Letters from the Der Zor Death Camps. Humanitarian Resistance, Death  and Survival during the Armenian Genocide"

Dr. Taline Garibian, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine (Oxford): "The Science of Bloodshed. Forensic expertise on Injuries and Corpses during the Great War"


11.10-11.30: Refreshments


11.30-12.45: Panel 4 – GLGW Graduate Students (2014 and prior cohorts)

Chair: Dr Pierre Purseigle, University of Warwick

Gregory Hynes, University of Oxford: "'We Are Not An Empire': Greater British First World War Propaganda and the transition from Empire to Commonwealth"

Dr. Stefano Marcuzzi, University College Dublin: "Challenging self-determination. Italy's diplomatic strategy at the Paris Peace Conference"

Dr. Robin Adams, Queen’s University, Belfast: "Patriots, Swindlers, Scoundrels and Dupes: The Strange Second Life of the US Liberty Loans"


12.45-13.45: Lunch


13.45-15.05: Keynote 3 – Prof. John Horne, Trinity College Dublin

"Journeys into War and Back, 1914-1923"

Chair: Gregory Hynes, University of Oxford


15.05-16.10: Panel 5 – GLGW Graduate Students (2015 cohort)

Chair: Dr Susannah Wright, Oxford Brookes University

Hanna Smyth, University of Oxford: "The Material Culture of Remembrance and Identity"

Jack Doyle, University of Oxford: "Violence, Culture, and the Body in First World War Aerial Combat"

Mike Joseph, University of Oxford: "Sugar, War, and Politics in the French Caribbean"

Adam Luptak, University of Oxford: "Disabled Veterans of the Great War in Interbellum Czechoslovakia"


16.10-16.30: Refreshments


16.30-17.50: Panel 6 – GLGW Graduate Students (2016 and subsequent cohorts)

Chair: Mike Joseph, University of Oxford

Terry Cudbird, University of Oxford: "The Impact of the Great War on Regionalism in France : a turning point?"

Thomas Heyen-Dube, University of Oxford: "The Great War and the Revolutionary Right: The Future of Apocalyptic Warfare"

Chloe Nahum, University of Oxford: "To dream as I have never dreamed before: Dreams and the wartime consciousness".


18.30-22.00: Dinner – St. Anthony’s College, University of Oxford

Day 3: 21 June – Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford


09.15-10.55: Panel 7 – Collaborators

Chair: Prof. Toby Garfitt

Prof. Santanu Das, University of Oxford: "India and First World War Culture: Fragments, Form and  Feeling"

Prof. Iris Rachamimov, Tel Aviv University: "Military, Civilian and Political Internment:  Making a case for examining Great War Internments together"

Nina Régis M.A., Université Toulouse Jean-Jaurès: "Bread, social rights and emotion in wartime Germany"

Dr. Jane Potter, Oxford Brookes University: "Transferts littéraires: Transnational Literary Projects in the Wake of the Centenary"

Prof. Chris Snyder, Mississippi State University: Rhodes Scholars and Soldier-Students: Oxford and the American Army Education Commission, Trinity Term 1919.”


10.55-11.15: Refreshments


11.15-12.00: Panel 8 – Roundtable

"Where does the field of first world war studies go from here?"

Chair: Dr. Adrian Gregory, University of Oxford

Dr. Alice Kelly, Rothermere American Institute (Oxford)

Dr. Suzan Meryem Kalayci, University of Oxford

Chloe Nahum, University of Oxford

Mike Joseph, University of Oxford

Jack Doyle, University of Oxford


12.00-12.45: Lunch


12.45-14.00: Keynote 4 – Prof. Sir Hew Strachan, University of St. Andrews

“Peacemaking and civil-military relations 1918-1923"

Chair: Dr. Mary Cox, University of Oxford


14.15-18.00: Visit to GLGW mini-exhibition, ‘Oxford: The War and the World, 1914-1919’, at Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (SOFO).



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