Oxford Centre for Research In United States History (OxCRUSH)

American history enjoys great vitality at Oxford thanks to its dynamic expansion in recent years. Housed in the Rothermere American Institute, OxCRUSH brings together the substantial body of American historians who work in Oxford.   

With two professors and five specialist lecturers, the Oxford history faculty has as substantial a complement of Americanists as any other institution outside North America. They and their students enjoy access to the Vere Harmsworth Library, which houses the largest academic collections in American history outside the US, and to the vibrant research culture of the RAI. 

In addition to hosting a weekly visiting speaker series, OxCRUSH convenes regular national and international conferences and symposia, and supports the work of a large and lively graduate population.

Each year, we host the Harmsworth Visiting Professor of American History: recent holders have included Gary Gerstle, Richard Blackett, Annette Gordon-Reed and Kristen Hoganson. The Harmsworth Visiting Professor for 2016-17 is Alan Taylor.

With the recent appointment of Bancroft-prize winning Pekka Hämäläinen to the Rhodes Professorship, we are now poised for further expansion, with a particular emphasis on placing American history in a global setting. 

Website: http://www.rai.ox.ac.uk/oxcrush

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