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Featured Publication

Sylloge of the Coins of the British Isles 66: Norwegian Collections II. Anglo-Saxon and Later British Coins 1016-1279

Norwegian Collections Part II

Every coin is illustrated and described

Comprehensive indexes of mints and moneyers

Completes the two-part catalogue of Anglo-Saxon and British medieval coins (up to 1279) in Norwegian Collections

  • Carolingian Francia, c.700-900
  • Norway in the Viking age
  • Numismatics and charters

I work on early medieval history, focusing especially upon ninth-century Francia and the contribution made by the charter evidence, and on the coinage evidence for Scandinavia in the Viking age. I have recently completed the Anglo-Saxon Coins in Norway project, publishing 4230 coins and fragments of Anglo-Saxon and later English and Scottish to 1279 in Norwegian museums. I am General Editor of the Medieval European Coinage Project. This British Academy Research Project, based at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, is publishing a history of European coinage c.400-1500 in 20 volumes (for details, see the project website at http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/research/mec). 


I would be willing to hear from potential Masters students looking at Early Medieval History, especially Carolingian Francia and Scandinavia in the Viking age.

I currently teach:


British History I, c. 300-1042 British History I, c. 300-1042
General History I, 370-900 General History II, 476-750
Approaches to History: Archaeology General History III, 700-900
  Further Subject 3: The Carolingian Renaissance
  Further Subject 4: The Viking Age
  Disciplines of History