Dr Helena F.S. Lopes


I am writing a monograph on neutrality, collaboration, and global encounters in the South China enclave of Macau during the Second World War in East Asia (1937-1945) and the immediate post-war period. Macau, the first and last European colonial settlement in China, was the only foreign-administered territory to remain unoccupied by Japan throughout the war. Through a variety of previously unused multilingual sources collected in various countries I explore Chinese wartime diplomacy, uses and abuses of neutrality, and experiences of transnational collaboration.

I have published on the history of the Red Cross in Macau and on Portuguese Eurasian POWs in Hong Kong and Japan during the Second World War. I have also conducted research on the relocation of schools from China to Macau, on representations of World War Two in Chinese cinema, and I am currently starting a comparative study of Macau and Hong Kong’s responses to the wartime refugee crisis.


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