Professor James McDougall


My doctoral students have worked on a range of topics including medicine and humanitarianism during the Algerian war of independence; social and gender justice-based readings of the Qur'an; the history of the nationalist right in Turkey; the end of the British empire in the Arabian Gulf; contemporary critical thought in North Africa; the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since 1973; historiography and history teaching in mandate Palestine; the cultural and political history of news and communications technology in colonial Algeria, and social memory in contemporary Algeria. I am always happy to hear from potential DPhil and Masters students interested in topics relating to the modern and contemporary Middle East, Africa, France and the French empire, nationalism, imperialism, or Islamic history since 1700.

I would like to hear from potential DPhil students  or any potential Masters students looking at Modern and contemporary Middle East, Africa, France and French empire, nationalism, imperialism, Islam. 

I currently teach:


Approaches to history GH13, Europe divided, 1914-1989
Foreign texts: Tocqueville GH14, The global twentieth century, 1930-2003
The French revolution and empire GH18, Eurasian empires, 1450-1800
Theories of the State: Aristotle, Hobbes. Rousseau, Marx GH19, Global and imperial history, 1750-1930
1919: Remaking the world FS22, The Middle East in the age of empire, 1830-1971
GH4, Nation, society and empire, 1815-1914 Disciplines of history