Dr Zbig Wojnowski


‘Wojnowski’s book is an excellent tool for better understanding recent (post-1989) historical and political relations between Ukraine and Poland.’ - T.R. Weeks, Choice Magazine vol 55:05:2018

"Behind the filter of Soviet rhetoric…Wojnowski restores voices, representing a spectrum of attitudes, often complex and ambiguous. The result is an original, balanced, and well-organized work, a significant contribution to our understanding of the late Soviet period and the field of Ukrainian studies." - Per Anders Rudling, Lund University, Slavic Review, vol 78 no 2

"Wojnowski frames his monograph in a way that encourages scholars to see Soviet Ukraine the way politically savvy Soviet Ukrainians saw it, as a bulwark of Sovietness confronting a sea of suspicious Central Europeans on its borders. This perspective is important not only because it persists in today’s Ukraine but also because it has been largely overlooked by scholars who, like many in the Soviet center, could never quite take Ukraine’s proclamations of Soviet loyalty at face value. Wojnowski’s study forces scholars to examine their own stereotypes about Soviet Ukraine by seeing it through the eyes of its not at all silent Soviet loyal majority." - Kathryn David, Ab Imperio


I would be keen to supervise research students working on any aspect of the history of interethnic relations and imperial dynamics in the USSR, systemic transformation in the USSR and its successor states in the late twentieth century, Soviet relations with the socialist states of Eastern Europe, and the role of the USSR in the Cold War.

I currently teach:



Global USSR: Empires, Borders, and Identities

The Soviet Union, 1924-41


The End of Empire: Systemic Transformation and Soviet Collapse, 1965-2000



Graduate Papers: Islam in the USSR