Professor Matt Cook

Current DPhil Students outside of Oxford

At Birkbeck:

  • James Handy, ‘LGBTQ teachers and teaching in London and Birmingham in the late twentieth century’ (co-supervisor)
  • Idroma Montgommery, ‘Unruly Bodies/Disorderly Cities: Black female queerness in Interwar Cardiff and London’
  • Leila Sellars, ‘The Beaumont Society: Trans Cultures, Identities and Everyday Subjectivities, 1966-2004’
  • Jo Brydon, ‘Percy Grainger and Trans Identity in Edwardian England’
  • Yvette Williams Eliot, ‘My Circle Widened’: Caroline Ganley and Networks of Public Life in London, 1900-1940’
  • Matthew Littleford, ‘Stonewall, OutRage! and the battle civic space’

At Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

  • Joana Matias, ‘Reparative archive: independent print cultures and queer Portuguese historiography’ (1974-2000)


I am interested in supervising topics ranging across modern LGBT and queer history, urban history, and counter culture.

I currently teach:

Undergraduate Papers: 

  • Bodies of Feeling
  • Masculinities and its Discontents

Graduate Papers: 

  • Approaches to Queer and Trans Histories
  • Youth culture, generational revolt and sexual politics in Great Britain
  • Europe and the USA since 1945