Apply to be an Associate Faculty Member

Before completing this form, please see the five categories of membership listed below and select the one which is correct for you. If you do not fit into any of these catagories then you may not be eligible for Faculty membership.

Associate Faculty Member

Membership for individuals not employed by the Faculty of History but closely connected to, or involved with, the Faculty’s teaching and research. Types include:

  • College employed ECRs/FTRs
  • External graduate co-supervisors
  • ECR casual teachers
  • Research project involvement (not employed)
  • Former postholders (resignation not retirement)
  • Other postholder within the collegiate university

ECR / FTR Membership

A one year membership for all fixed-term teaching and/or research staff who have a Chancellor, Masters and Scholars employment contract that is ending. The contract of employment must have been with the Faculty of History or the Humanities Division. Applicants employed by a college or another faculty / department should apply for Associate Membership.

Postgraduate Associate Membership

A one year membership for DPhil students who have been granted Leave to Supplicate from a Faculty of History doctoral programme.


A membership for former postholders of the Faculty who have retired but are still engaged in research.

Discretionary Associate

A category for individuals indirectly associated with the Faculty of History which includes: i) Casual teachers who are not employed anywhere in the collegiate university and are not considered ECRs (i.e individuals 10 years or more post-doctoral); ii) Members of other universities not involved in the Faculty’s teaching or research (and are not Academic Visitors); iii) spouses of existing members.

Discretionary Associates will have the same rights and access as associate members except for right to apply for Research Committee funds. There is a £1,000 per annum charge for discretionary association.

If you have any doubts about your eligibility for membership of the Faculty please email ­­­­ .